Born of Chaos



The   club started life a few years back as 'The Breakneck Riders' based at the Saracen’s Head in Warrington,  The club did well in the early days, membership grew and we built up some good friendships and a good reputation within  the local biker community.  Then, as so often happens it all went to shit, I'm not going to discuss club business in public, we don’t do that, but we basically reached a point where things had got a little chaotic  and we needed to change.
Out of the chaos was born the new club, Born of Chaos MCC ....there was a lot of discussion about what members wanted from the club, should we be a ride out club, a rally club or an  MCC ?  We settled on being an old school MCC based on the traditional values of the Biker Community.  Not everyone agreed, people are different and want different things from life and thats fine, we lost some good members, those who didn’t want to go down the MCC path , most of whom we still class as close friends. 
But for those who remained, the journey had just begun.  It’s been a Rocky Road since then, like most clubs, members have come and gone, sometimes for personal reasons, sometimes because they weren’t right for the club, or the club wasn’t right for them, thats fine, and whilst new members are always welcome we're not interested in becoming a big, bureaucratic, high profile bike club ....... just a good old fashioned MCC....a few mates, down the pub, who love to drink, listen to good music.....and ride bikes, no bullshit, no bollocks.   

As for the future, well....who knows, but it’s looking good, we have a  strong core group of members and we now meet at the Blackburne Arms, Orford Green, Warrington WA2 8PL, on the first and third friday of each month from 7.30pm onwards, we have our own club house at the rear of the pub so we can chill out in private  and hold functions such as rock nights, live bands and bike nights...................................Chaos Forever, Forever Chaos
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 Brotherhood is a unique part of the biker lifestyle and culture, it’s hard to explain and even harder to understand.  For us its simple, its belonging to something that’s more like family then friendship, it’s about going the extra mile without ever asking ‘what’s in it for me’. It’s about spending your last couple of quid getting someone else a beer and it’s about always, always sharing your bottle of 'Jack'.    
It’s about watching out for each other, taking care of each other, being there no matter what, sharing your knowledge, giving your time, riding a hundred miles in the pissing rain to help someone fix their bike..... but most of all its about respect.
Young or old, male or female if you are 'Born of Chaos' then you are a part of our Brotherhood.
Born of Chaos started life at the Saracens Head on Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington, however after the pub underwent a ‘refurbishment’ the character and atmosphere of the pub changed and it just didn’t feel like home anymore.  After looking at several possible locations we settled on the Blackburne Arms, a cracking Pub on Orford Green, Warrington, WA2 8PL
The Blackie Arms as it’s affectionately known is the perfect base for us, a proper old school pub with good music, live bands,  good beer at good prices, friendly local’s and friendly staff.  Although still relatively new to the pub it already feels like a second home, so if your passing on the first or third Friday of the month, call in, say hello and join us for a beer or three or four . we meet in our own club house at the rear of the pub, just ask any of the bar staff to point you in the right direction....